Three Chain Road

Inside my house is a cathedral ceilinged room remarkably church like where I house my grand piano and harpsichord. Above the kitchen end of this one large room is a mezzanine which leads to an eastern balcony with a view of Mt Piper. The house is set in the bush and has a peaceful quiet garden with an upper lawn next to the house that is really coming on very well. Further landscaping works are set to improve this garden as well as car parking, but for the moment I am trying to get pathways paved and vegetable beds organised before the onset of summer and hot weather.

The house is perfect for very small weddings (10-20 total numbers) where a little music is required and a peaceful and casual atmosphere is desired.

Studio recordings are also possible with the use of the piano included. The accoustics are on the dry side so perfect for recording. Contact me for rates.

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