Instrument Hire

I have two harpsichords and a clavichord which are available for hire. Long term rates are negotiable, but I give here the rates for a period of 1-7 days.

Single manual instrument GG – e”’ transposable A = 415 and 440 top E not at available at A=440 pitch (i.e top note is D#). Made by Klinkhamer of Amsterdam. Rate is $750 for initial transportation, tuning and use for 1-3 days. $90 per day thereafter up to 7 days. Rates negotiable after this period.

Double manual Ruckers copy executed by Jean-Michel Chablot (Switzerland) with an original painting executed by Elizabetta Lanzoni GG -e”’ transposable A= 392, A = 415, A = 440 (full range in all positions); 8′ 8′ 4′ and buff stop.

Initial Hire for one day – $1600 and $250 per day thereafter. Long term hire is not an option for this instrument.

Conditions of hire:

The instrument may not be moved from the venue it is delivered to.

Any further tuning may only be done by authorised personnel

The double manual instrument will only be released to bona fide harpsichordists

Delivery to most Melbourne suburbs is included in this rate although southern suburbs can expect to pay more transportaion costs.

Email to discuss your needs and for more information.


Electronic keyboards are available for short and long term hire. Roland FP2 (88 keys) and smaller keyboards

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