Piano Teaching

Piano Teaching and Keyboard Teaching in the Mitchell Shire serving Broadford Seymour Wallan and Kilmore

Peter Hagen currently teaches harpsichord, piano, singing and keyboard. This page indicates some of his activities and will also soon provide for music educational materials. A full CV is available on the Curriculum Vitae page.
Private lessons are currently $45 for 30 minutes. Call on 0448 578488 or email via peter@peterhagen.com.au

Group keyboard lessons are conducted with 5 students per group per half hour and in 2021 cost $18.00 per lesson or around $180  per term. Students bring their own headphones/earpieces (see advice on which headphones below) and after some group activities, work on their own songs at their own pace. Group lessons are currently held at Romsey Primary School on Thursdays and Puckapunyal Primary School on Wednesdays.
Download keyboard enrollment forms with this link enrollment forms 21 .
The following link is an interesting article about education and classical music.
Marks Trumpet Blog – Classical music and society

I find the best headphones are the ones with a detachable wire which means when the wire breaks (which happens very often) it can be easily replaced. I have a pair of Moki headphones that I picked up in the supermarket for about $15.00 and they seem to be quite good. Avoid any headphones with microphones or in-line (on the wire itself) volume controls as they do not work very well with the keyboards. On the plug end there should be three little segments separated by two black lines, not four segments separated by three black lines. In addition there needs to be an adaptor to the 6.5 mm socket size if the plug is the smaller 3.5 mm size. I have spares I carry with me, but they do not always work well. Even better with the detachable wires is to get another wire with a 3.5 mm plug on one end and a 6.5mm plug on the other end.
Finally a lunchbox or some sort of box to protect the headphones whilst in their school bag would be a distinct advantage.