Three Chain Road

Inside my house is a cathedral ceilinged room remarkably church like where I house my grand piano and harpsichord. Above one end of this one large room is a mezzanine which leads to an eastern balcony with a view of Mt Piper. The house is set in the bush and has a peaceful quiet garden with an upper lawn next to the house. Landscaping works have improved this garden with the addition of better paths and arbours as well as car parking. The extended drought has played havoc with the garden although I am spending up to two hours some days to hand water the plants.
A new spotted gum wooden floor now gives a richer tone to the music and certainly looks a lot better than the old carpet. A new picture hanging system has led to my paintings and prints being displayed in much better style. I hope also to have some small exhibitions here to coincide with my concerts.
The house is perfect for very small weddings (10-20 total numbers) where a little music is required and a peaceful and casual atmosphere is desired.
Studio recordings are also possible with the use of the grand piano included. The acoustics are perfect for chamber music and recording. Contact me for rates.
I have been fortunate to have some people in this area that are passionate about environmental work and who have assisted me in my gully erosion with some “sandbags” made from geo cloth. These were filled by a working bee of enthusiastic helpers and placed in the “hole” which was being eroded very quickly by each successive rain event. Now in place for almost 18 months they seem to have done a great job in stopping the erosion. Thanks to Sonia Sharkey and Brad Costin for their support and all the workers who filled almost 200 bags on one Saturday.