My two harpsichords

I use these regularly for my concerts where I play repertoire spanning across the centuries from around 1550 to 1800. I even tuned them differently in a concert to show the difference between mean tone tuning and well - temperament with of course suitable repertoire.

On this page you can find a few of my past programmes. When I have my 2024 concert series organised in the second half of the year the details will be published as well.

This was a concert of cello and harpsichord music I performed with Sam Goble in Seymour.

I performed a programme of music based upon Handel’s London with a brilliant violinist, Jen Kirsner.

I also performed a programme of pieces that were my favourites from the many years of performing. The picture at the top shows the two harpsichords I performed this programme on, with the single manual instrument being tuned in quarter comma mean-tone with a re-tune between pieces to adjust from a D# to a Bb. The purple double manual instrument was tuned in Aaron-Neidhardt tuning.