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Welcome to the Home Page of Peter Hagen and  “Salon Concerts at Broadford”.

In this site you will find details of upcoming concerts for 2021. This is a re-scheduling of all the concerts postponed in 2020. For my concert series and downloadable brochure for 2021 go to the Salon Concerts at Broadford page in the menu above or download here. I run my lovely cathedral ceiling mud brick home as a venue  for running chamber music in an exclusive and intimate setting for just over 50 people. In my home I have a collection of keyboard instruments and these are mostly used for baroque music although I have performed mid 19th century works as well.

During January 2019 I had a new spotted gum floor put in and the acoustics are much enhanced. I even found the time to hang my pictures properly using a system I bought off Shakespeare Solutions in Melbourne. I am very happy with the result as the system allows for endless adjustment vertically and horizontally; so much better than an ugly nail in the wall.

I also review concerts for which is an initiative to support Australian independent musicians and is worthy of looking into for more variety in your musical life. This worthy organisation supports concerts in every state and Territory in Australia.

In the Educational Section you can find out about my music teaching as well as download teaching materials for your own use. Integrating with community events such as musicals, choir concerts and local events is important to me as it gives a further context for music in local communities. Currently I am the choirmaster for the South Port Singers who rehearse at the South Melbourne Uniting Church in Dorcas Street on Monday evenings. This year they have done a sterling job rehearsing on Zoom which is rather inadequate from the point of view of hearing each other, but it has kept our skills up with warmups and new repertoire as well as retaining our old repertoire.Therefore you will occasionally find information about these events as well as on Facebook. Finally there is a little personal information surrounding my interests to complete the picture of me as a person. 2019 Christmas letter  I might even get a 202 Christmas letter out soon!

Peter Hagen
Last updated – 19 January 2020

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