I have a commitment to beauty, art and self expression especially through music.

A passion for high quality music

Peter Hagen is a professional performer on harpsichord, educator

piano teacher and choral conductor.

I have divided my site into pages reflecting my professional roles as well as leisure activities.

This site is still under construction so if what I promise is not here yet, please be patient. I hope to finish this site by end January 2024.

Read on for details about concerts, teaching and some of my personal pursuits.

During 2024 I will be taking a sabbatical and thus will resume my concert series again in the latter part of the year. For the moment I will publish some past concert programmes on my Concerts page.

Eventually I will sort out a “contact me” page with a form to present your queries.

This section still to be completed

√Čtudes Architect App

  • Collaborate with fellow architects.
  • Showcase your projects.
  • Experience the world of architecture.
My two harpsichords single and double manual.

Watch, Read, Listen

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