Music Education

Music learning begins before a child is born; sing and play high quality classical music and know that it is all being heard by the hitherto unborn child.

The ancient Greeks believed that music was the center of all learning, because music involved a natural synthesis of thinking, feeling and moving. Music is essential to human development—intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual.

While it is really lovely to play on a real piano many people start on an electronic keyboard.

Keyboards come in many shapes and sizes this 76 note keyboard is very light and transportable.

Piano, Keyboard, Headphones, Rates

Piano and Keyboard:

I have been teaching piano for over four decades now and offer two different streams of learning. At certain schools I teach in groups of up to five children on keyboards with headphones. I combine some group work with individual attention in the same lesson so that children get a great introduction to learning instrumental music for a very competitive price. This is currently $20.00 per half hour lesson payable by the term in advance. If one wants to be really serious about learning at a higher level then my private lessons are the way to go with pro rata rates at $90 per hour this year (2024).

Keyboards and headphones:

Please consider the following when buying a keyboard. It MUST have touch sensitivity that is when you play more firmly with your fingers it sounds louder and more gently it sounds softer. Entry level keyboards start at around $350 and have 61 notes.

Headphones for the keyboard programmes should not have in line volume controls nor should they have microphones. A clue to getting the correct headphone is that the tip has three segments separated by two little black lines. Ones with detachable wires are useful as the wires can be easily replaced. This is always the first thing to malfunction on headphones.