Music is My Life

I had to be dragged (almost) to my first piano lesson so it is good to reflect on how that first lesson was so formative for my life. The teacher was highly complimentary of my ability and I suppose finishing my first book in only two lessons was quick! Before I even was a teenager, I used to put on the headphones and listen to all my parents records (black vinyl LP’s – remember those). I loved the old recordings of Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia orchestra playing Beethoven’s pastoral symphony and the Grieg piano concerto as well as Helmut Walcha playing pipe organ. I still love the Bach St Anne’s prelude and fugue to this day.

I now perform on harpsichord with musicians that mostly play on period instruments, that is to say on copies of baroque instruments. I therefore play mostly baroque music from the years 1600-1780 although I love playing my grand piano too. I dabble with pipe organ and fondly remember my lessons in DenHaag playing on the 1770 pipe organ in the Luthersekerk. Sadly just as I was getting my feet back in order to play those blasted pedals Covid hit and I lost momentum in my learning.

In addition I teach piano and keyboard (see the educational page – when I get to making it) and conduct choirs. I do this from the piano so that I am both repetiteur and conductor.

I love the outdoors and although I am not too fit now, I did camp out in the snow on cross country ski tours and kayak down the Murray River as well as generally hiking and getting out and about in God’s wonderful creation. Let’s look after it and reduce our environmental footprint. Reduce rubbish, be efficient with our resources and flourish through honest thrift.

Read on and browse through the pages I have made (when I make them).

Spread peace and a love of beauty through the depths of our musical experiences when listening to music of depth, integrity and appreciation of the wonderful craft of our best classical composers.

Peter Hagen